Core Aeration and Seeding for Cool Season Lawns

Core aeration is one of the most important cultural practices available for your lawn.  Fescue is a cool season variety grass. It grows best during the fall, winter and spring seasons when temperatures are more moderate and rainfall is generally more abundant. During the warm summer months, fescue will become dormant until temperatures return to moderate levels.

As a result, many fescue lawns will discolor and brown out during periods of high temperature and drought stress. Fescue is also susceptible to diseases like brown patch during the summer and inevitably this will require that some of the grass be replaced. To prevent this, fescue lawns need to be aerated and over-seeded in the fall to increase lawn density.  We will sow a good rate of a Certified quality custom blended seed and apply a starter fertilizer to help with germination and growth of the seedlings.  Creating a strong seed foundation will increase the chances of surviving the summer heat and many fungus problems.

The best time to rejuvenate your fescue lawn in Georgia is during late September and October. This is when both soil and air temperatures are at the optimal level for seed germination and it allows plenty of time for the young grass to mature before colder temperatures slows down plant growth.  (This application is included and provided in our Premium Program.)

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