Fall Fungicide Applications

Fall Fungicide Applications are available to help resist the damage that Spring Dead Spot disease can cause during this time of year.  Spring Dead Spot is one of the most troublesome diseases of Bermuda grass. It is caused by a fungus, which infects the turf in the fall, but symptoms do not appear until the following spring with large circular dead spots, which do not green-up with the rest of the Bermuda grass. As the season progresses, Bermuda from the outer edges will fill in, but it sometimes takes well into the summer to do so. 

We can apply a special fungicide in the fall to help prevent the disease, with a follow-up about 4 weeks later with a different type of fungicide.  This should help, but it is not a sure cure in all situations and we highly recommend this program for two consecutive years.  We have experienced a decrease in the number and severity of the spots the following spring, with a faster fill-in of healthy Bermuda.  Fungicides are expensive.  But if your problem is severe, we do recommend this service. 

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